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MontanaBlack88 streams live on Twitch! Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. MontanaBlack Unterhaltung auf niedrigem Niveau. Browse all other Fortnite channels · Browse all other games! MontanaBlack88 streamed for 17 hours in the last 7 days, averaging 46, viewers and hitting a peak of , viewers On Saturdays, MontanaBlack88 is unlikely to stream. This site is not affiliated with Twitch or any of their partners​. An erster Stelle freue ich mich für Monte xD. , Views. Nov 8, HAHAHAHHA. 88, Views. Aug 26, Livestream mit Hörni. 48, Views. Stand, Juni Twitch. Kanal, MontanaBlack Follower, über MontanaBlack (* 2. März in Buxtehude; bürgerlich Marcel Thomas Andreas Eris) ist ein.

Twitch Montanablack88

Am aktivsten ist "MontanaBlack88" auf Twitch. Dort streamt er mehrmals pro Woche eine Game-Session. Aktuell haben seine Live-Streams. Twitch Stats Summary / User Statistics for montanablack88 ( - ​). Date. Followers. Video Views. Mon. +3, 2,, An erster Stelle freue ich mich für Monte xD. , Views. Nov 8, HAHAHAHHA. 88, Views. Aug 26, Livestream mit Hörni. 48, Views.

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MontanaBlack LIVE im Stream GEHACKT! 😱 - STREAM Highlights

As I said, I didn't know he was streaming or that I was being heard. Personally, I liked to have as little as possible on Twitch and I'm sorry that I and you now have to punish myself and you with a 7-day ban.

Schlechte Neuigkeiten pic. Eris even followed it up with an image of his account being unable to sign-in to Twitch for those who may not have believed him.

I'm sorry that i let you guys and myself down. Got big with being the biggest german fortnite streamer and now promotes gambling sites to his very young audience.

Not gonna defend this turd but hope you never made a OK with your hand or else you are a White Power loving skinhead Just kidding. I just want to point out how retarded these codes made be right-wingers can be and how they could make innocent people look bad.

Source: The website that you used as source. Pretty sure that you having that as your first association as opposed to someone's birthyear when seeing an internet username is wholly on you.

Just going through his Twitter, it makes a lot of sense he's popular in Germany. He really fits the social German aspect of always being like 3 years behind in all aspects of social trends and interaction.

As a German this should bother me, but honestly exactly my thought. But make it 5 years at least. I cringe everytime someone shows me german content from youtube or twitch.

And inside Germany everyone who has a shred of self-respect knows that he is promoting rigged gambling websites to gullible people and therefore should steer clear of this dude.

He doesn't promote the sites nor are those sites rigged. I'm not a fan of his but this blasphemy is horrendous. Get your facts straight and btw.

He didn't stream a single casino for a while now. I'm a very clear, normal and have a lot of self respect and still watch him or his yt videos from time to time.

Because he can be very funny and some of it is my kind of humor. He doesn't stream casino anymore not because he doesn't want to promote gambling to children his main audience.

He stopped streaming casino because he's afraid of authorities taking action against his Stream as a whole because he's streaming online gambling.

My dude, I'm sorry to burst your bubble but you're wrong. I don't want to insult you personally because I don't know who you are but you're a little too naive if you believe that his gambling isn't rigged in his favor.

Also how isn't he promoting the site when he was posting pictures of himself withdrawing Have you heard of the sites withdrawal limit? You can't just cash out The limit is somewhere between Also the money that he's gambling with gets provided by the Casino.

That's literally money they pay him to advertise his site. Do you know where the website he's promoting is based?

Could it be the only country that doesn't regulate Online Casinos? Could it be the only country that licenses your games by making a simple phonecall without questions asked as long as you pay?

Lastly I never said the site is inherently rigged. It's just rigged in his favor. Everyone else gets to lose with the regular trash odds of Online Casinos.

Please know what you're talking about before blindly defending shady practises just because you think the guy is funny. Well thanks for not insulting me personally, I respect that and gotta give kudos to you - it's the internet after all :.

Look, I'm not saying that he doesnt get some befits out off playing on a particular site, the most important thing to remember is, it's online casino and with that the win probabilities.

They are the same for everyone. That he can withdraw 40k in one go, is one of those benefits for being a big streamer.

It's still an online casino, there may or may not be some dudes that write scripts, programs that work to win in online casinos without much effort or much money.

That's one of many reasons, why sites like these have a withdrawal limit for normal people. Oliver Kahn is promoting gambling, he isn't.

He states every 5 minutes that you should not play. If he got asked what is biggest win was, he said, the time I didn't play casino for 6 months.

He has a past with it, he was addicted to it, now he has it under control. I should stop huh, not that I'm called a fanboy.

I looked into casino, online casinos out of curiosity. He may be winning 40k but he is also putting in 10 even more. The more you pay in the more cash you win.

The odds are the same, but the amount is different. I don't know if that is clear enough, but thus I getting to long anyway.

I know what Malta is and what you can do there. I know that some shady thing are being done there. All in all I just want to make clear that I'm not his biggest fan, neither am I playing online casino myself well I tried once won maybe 40 bucks and never touched again or not am I defending everything he is doing.

That brings me to oh no better not. Loot boxes are even worse nvm this might be a talk for another time. I just find it very fkin funny that one German, well THE German streamer gets on this Frontpage and every comment except for 4 are insults.

His person, his actions everything gets hated on - and let's be honest most of them don't even know what they are talking about.

Are you saying a lot of German people don't have a shred of self-respect since they are all subbed to him? Obviously, because german isn't the world language english is.

But that just makes it all the more impressive. So many fake prime subs.. I don't understand the sub of some of these guys.

Some of them are like viewer streams yet have 10kk subs listed. Most of the old school streamers I compare them to have at least close to the same viewers as active subs.

Tldr; he was in discord with friends and a streamer that was muted, he didnt know someone streamed there and right when the streamer unmuted, he said a bad word.

The average German viewer is an embarrassment for Germany, this is why he's the most subbed channel as well. He sound like a German Rapper and every 2 word is "diggah".

As a German who heard about this guy for the first time: I'm not surprised about what he said. Its interesting and funny to see a lot of germans complain about toxic german behavior in games but on the other hand say that this streamer is "scum", "should get a perm ban", "should die" etc And your argument being that the number 88 is racist?

You're reaching for things to be offended by. Can't live without all these oppressions, right? Unfortunately there is bad news I have a 7 day lock on twitch from tonight I was with some boys a while ago Discord and have pushed ausraster in Fifa.

Exactly at that moment, a colleague who has been streaming, has despaired and I said swear words that do not belong to Twitch. I apologized directly and hoped that topic ware eaten with it.

As I said, I did not know that he streams or that you hear me. You can fight over the 7 days or let it be. Personally I would like to have as little trouble as possible on Twitch and I'm sorry that I have to punish myself and you now with a 7 day ban.

There are many germans on Twitch. And they have money unlike viewers from maybe poor countries. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Twitch Stats Summary / User Statistics for montanablack88 ( - ​). Date. Followers. Video Views. Mon. +3, 2,, Am aktivsten ist "MontanaBlack88" auf Twitch. Dort streamt er mehrmals pro Woche eine Game-Session. Aktuell haben seine Live-Streams. Marcel 'MontanaBlack88' Eris is a German variety streamer who seemingly out of nowhere passed Twitch megastars such as Michael 'shroud'. Load More. Everything starts with something, and the first one is always hardest to break. Max is a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduate with a degree in business and sports Wsop Cheats. Die laggy lobbt Not as a racist slur. MontanaBlack88 Twitc Are you from deep ass eastern Germany or Beste Spielothek in Dinglingen finden shit? Twitch Montanablack88

Twitch Montanablack88 - MontanaBlack: Gamer mit düsterer Vergangenheit - Alle Fakten zum beliebten Streamer

Eris geriet schon mehrmals für nicht ausreichend gekennzeichnete Werbung für Online-Casinos in die öffentliche Kritik. As of October 5, Twitch third-party tracker sites list a new number one, which seems to be the norm as subs fluctuate per month and are never concrete. Übrigens soll der auf Twitch genutzte Nutzername "MontanaBlack88" kein Nazisymbol darstellen, sondern auf sein Geburtsdatum hinweisen. Nach der Schule absolvierte Eris eine Ausbildung zum Einzelhandelskaufmann. Allerdings hält sich Eris hier die Auswahl des Inhalts weitgehend frei. Kommentare Kommentar verfassen. Die Eltern von MontanaBlack haben sich schon in seiner frühen Kindheit getrennt.

BESTE SPIELOTHEK IN WOTENITZ-HOF FINDEN Und unabhГngig davon in welchem Online Gambling im Internet von man gewinnen kann, Twitch Montanablack88 nach verdoppelt oder sogar mehr setzt.

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Twitch Montanablack88 He has a past with it, he was addicted Beste Spielothek in Polchower Heide finden it, now he has it under control. Poke is insane pokelawls. Doxing 2. I apologized immediately in hopes everything would be fine since i didnt know that he was streaming. The streamer issued a statement about the suspension on Twitter in his native language. Die laggy lobbt

Twitch Montanablack88 Video

AMERICAN REACTS TO GERMAN TWITCH STREAMER MONTANABLACK88 Daneben sprach er in einem YouTube-Video davon, sich gleich zwei Wohnungen auf einmal gekauft zu haben. Born in in Buxtehude, Germany the year-old streamer had a rough upbringing and used his YouTube channel to tell his stories. Er war von Alkohol, Marihuana und Koks abhängig. While his primary focus was Beste Spielothek in Ipland finden, the German streamer had carried over his audience and inhad Spiele Wild Play SuperBet - Video Slots Online followers on Twitch and around 5k viewers per stream, according to TwitchTracker. Eris war mehrere Jahre lang drogenabhängigbekämpfte aber vor einiger Zeit erfolgreich seine Sucht und thematisiert auf seiner YouTube-Präsenz die Gefahren des Drogenkonsums. Der teilweise genutzte Namenszusatz "88" stammt von seinem Geburtsjahr MontanaBlack took Twitch by force in as Twitch Montanablack88 became the most subscribed channel on Twitch in September, much to the surprise of many in the US who had never heard of him before. Die Sucht brachte ihn an den Rand des Ruins. Instagram: montanablack The German variety streamer Beste Spielothek in Siegreid finden up on Twitch, becoming the 1 most subscribed channel in September Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Das Vermögensmagazin schätzt sein Vermögen auf eine Million Euro. Was die beiden aber nach wie vor verbindet, ist die Liebe zu Möpsen. Seinen kompletten Werdegang hat MontanaBlack in seiner gleichnamigen Autobiografie veröffentlicht. Ansichten Lesen Quelltext anzeigen Versionsgeschichte. Eris geriet schon mehrmals für nicht ausreichend gekennzeichnete Werbung für Online-Casinos in die öffentliche Kritik. Deutschlands bekanntester Twitch-Streamer. Let somebody imitate us. Sie sind hier: ingame Startseite. Laut eigener Aussage habe er nicht in rassistischer Absicht gehandelt. Im Dezember erhielt eine Behauptung besondere Aufmerksamkeit. Entertainment Zockerbude Forum is MontanaBlack88?


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    Es ist schade, dass ich mich jetzt nicht aussprechen kann - ist erzwungen, wegzugehen. Aber ich werde befreit werden - unbedingt werde ich schreiben dass ich in dieser Frage denke.

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