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Patents had a negative contribution to profit from ongoing operations in due to the litigation the Company initiated in the United States.

Total four main segments. During the fourth quarter of , all four main segments posted strong year-on-year revenue growth.

As in the earlier quarters of , the evolution of foreign currency translation in Euro had a favorable impact on revenue growth.

Profit from ongoing operations, although consistently hedged, also benefited from a favorable impact related to foreign currency translations in Euro during the year.

While the expansion of LTE coverage drove a large part of the improvement, was also marked by an increase in demand for products to support the imminent commercial launches of mobile payments services around the world.

Today, Gemalto is at a key first phase in the ramp-up of its mobile financial services business with customers actively deploying the infrastructure required to commercialize their offer.

In , the number of contracts covering Trusted Service Management services and Gemalto Mobile Payment Platforms continued to increase markedly and Gemalto teams dedicated significant resources to the timely and efficient delivery of integration services for the initial contracts signed in and early It was achieved in spite of the expenses engaged to deploy mobile financial solutions.

Both activities contributed to the gross margin improvement, benefiting from the deployment of new generations of products, scale effects and improved resource allocation.

Operating expenses were down slightly to See appendix 1 for more details and reconciliation. A number of new module design-in wins booked throughout the year reinforced Gemalto's position as a strategic partner to industrial customers at the forefront of connected device communication.

Gemalto's expertise in a variety of connectivity technologies will continue to benefit the segment's future prospects as customers address the challenges posed by operator roadmaps aimed at repurposing legacy network capacity.

Gemalto's portfolio, which spans the full range of technologies from 2G to LTE, provides its customers with a key asset to manage these future technology migrations.

The main drivers of growth continue to be increasing demand from developing regions, the growing success of Gemalto's dual-interface Optelio TM products in markets with high EMV penetration and the rolling out of contactless payment technology.

Excellent project execution contributed significantly to the segment's performance and new and more comprehensive contract wins reinforced the strong backlog.

In Government Programs, further reinforced the pervasiveness of electronic identity solutions. Key projects such as the digitalization of voting procedures, the modernization of national identity programs, and deployments of electronic healthcare documents were implemented in various countries.

In Identity and Access Management, growing demand for Gemalto's Ezio TM online banking security solutions also contributed to the segment's revenue increase.

Operating expenses grew at half that rate of increase, i. Investments were essentially focused on developing online banking and Protiva TM cloud security access offers and providing additional resources to deliver on the strong growth in demand in Government Programs.

This lower revenue again translated into reduced gross profit as segments' costs are essentially fixed. Operating expenses grew due to the increase in legal fees associated with the litigation underway.

If approved, the time schedule related to the dividend payment will be as follows:. Gemalto shares will trade ex-dividend as from the beginning of the trading session on May 27, Holders of Gemalto shares on May 27, who would not have previously sold their shares will be able to freely trade their shares on the stock exchange as from such date and will not need to block their shares until the payment date of the dividend to benefit from such dividend.

For the full year Gemalto anticipates double digit revenue expansion at constant exchange rates. Increased investment in operations to drive business development beyond should lead to a more pronounced seasonality in profit from operations between the two semesters.

Gemalto's next long-term development plan and objectives will be announced in the second part of the year. Gemalto full year results presentation will be webcast in English today at 3pm Paris time 2pm London time and 10am New York time.

Questions will be taken by way of conference call. Investors and financial analysts wishing to ask questions should join the presentation by dialing:.

The accompanying presentation slide set is also available for download on our Investor Relations web site.

Replays will be available for one year. The annual report, including the condensed consolidated financial statements as of December 31, , is available on our Investor web site www.

Financial reporting for the three first quarters of will be made before the opening of Euronext Paris on the following dates:.

Gemalto N. The persons, who on April 25, record date hold shares in the Company and are registered as such in a register designated thereto by the Board for the AGM, will be entitled to participate and vote at that meeting.

Each Gemalto ordinary share is represented by two ADRs. Gemalto's ADRs trade in U. The dividends are paid to investors in U. We are at the heart of the rapidly evolving digital society.

Gemalto delivers on their expanding needs for personal mobile services, payment security, authenticated cloud access, identity and privacy protection, eHealthcare and eGovernment efficiency, convenient ticketing and dependable machine-to-machine M2M applications.

Gemalto develops secure embedded software and secure products which we design and personalize. Our platforms and services manage these secure products, the confidential data they contain and the trusted end-user services they enable.

Our innovations enable our clients to offer trusted and convenient digital services to billions of individuals. Gemalto thrives with the growing number of people using its solutions to interact with the digital and wireless world.

For more information visit www. This communication does not constitute an offer to purchase or exchange or the solicitation of an offer to sell or exchange any securities of Gemalto.

This communication contains certain statements that are neither reported financial results nor other historical information and other statements concerning Gemalto.

These statements include financial projections and estimates and their underlying assumptions, statements regarding plans, objectives and expectations with respect to future operations, events, products and services and future performance.

Forward-looking statements are generally identified by the words "expects", "anticipates", "believes", "intends", "estimates" and similar expressions.

These and other information and statements contained in this communication constitute forward-looking statements for purposes of applicable securities laws.

Although management of the Company believes that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, investors and security holders are cautioned that forward-looking information and statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties, many of which are difficult to predict and generally beyond the control of the Company, that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed in, or implied or projected by the forward-looking information and statements, and the Company cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements.

Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those estimated by the forward-looking statements contained in this communication include, but are not limited to: trends in wireless communication and mobile commerce markets; the Company's ability to develop new technology and the effects of competing technologies developed; effects of the intense competition in the Company's main markets; challenges to or loss of intellectual property rights; ability to establish and maintain strategic relationships in its major businesses; ability to develop and take advantage of new software, platforms and services; profitability of the expansion strategy; effects of acquisitions and investments; ability of the Company's to integrate acquired businesses, activities and companies according to expectations; ability of the Company to achieve the expected synergies from acquisitions; and changes in global, political, economic, business, competitive, market and regulatory forces.

About Submit a tip Contact Us. Fortunately enough, as we discussed earlier in one of the articles concerning various mythologies — Many of these varied parcels of old fable were collected and compiled in manuscripts comprising Old Norse texts , in circa 13th century Iceland.

Read our cookies policy. Viking gods and goddesses all had their own personalities, and many stories were told about their adventures. The chief gods were Odin, Thor, and Frey.

Fulla is often said to be the sister of Frigg, but in other tellings she is actually her maid of sorts. Fulla would run errands, deliver messages and help Frigg wherever possible.

Forseti the Norse god of justice and the son of Balder. The name Forseti basically means president and this member of the Aesir resided in a palace called Glitnir.

Idun was a Norse Goddess, known as the Goddess of eternal youth and was wife to Bragi. Idun was known for her apples, that provided youth to the rest of the Gods.

These apples were grown in the western garden, which Idun managed and watched over. Loki ever the trickster, did launch a plan to lure Idun away, which succeeded and meant the rest of the gods began to age.

Soon they approached Loki to ask him of her whereabouts, and eventually he rescued her back. Bragi was the god of poetry, the master of words and prose, and another son of Odin and Frigg.

Bragi was married to Idun as we mentioned above, and was not only a poet, but a singer and player of the harp. Bragi was told from the old Norse poetry to have had runes carved on his tongue, perhaps the reason that words flowed so easily from him.

Balder was a son of Odin and Frigg, one of the mighty Aesir and told to be the god of light. Balder was well liked by the gods, he was considered a cheerful, good and gracious god, so much so that he actually emitted light.

Baldur was the brother of Hodur and actually died at his hands, after Loki tricked Hodur into shooting a mistletoe tipped arrow at Baldur. Ull was the stepson of Thor and son of the Goddess Sif.

Ull was also a winter god, a skier, wearer or snowshoes and a warrior and hunter. The Vanir were the ancient gods and goddesses of fertility, and one of the two primary groups of gods along with the Aesir.

Later the two groups merged with some source citing the Vanir as a subgroup of the Aesir and others declaring the two now merged fully into the Aesir.

Njord was the father of Freya and Freyr, and was linked with various attributes, water, wind, the sea, fishing and wealth.

Njord was thought to have power to calm the weather and afford sailors and merchants save passage over dangerous waters.

Njord would have children with his reported sister Nerthus, and later would marry the Giantess Skadi. One of the primary Vanir gods, Njord would later join and become a member of the Aesir.

Freya was the daughter of Njord, and she was the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Freya was also known for her immense beauty and poise, she was simply irresistible to men, and had many affairs even though she was married.

Odin bestows worthy poets with his mead of inspiration. As a sacrifice to himself, he hung on the world tree Yggdrasil, pierced by his spear Gungnir, in order to learn the wisdom of magical runes.

Served by Valkyries, they feast there and prepare for the final battle of Ragnarök. Thor is a Viking god of thunder, storm and fertility, a hero who protects Asgard and Midgard from giants and monsters.

Unlike Odin, who was a god of war and warriors, Thor was closer to farmers. He wields huge hammer called Mjöllnir. He also owns iron gloves and a magical belt, which are his main treasures.

Thor himself is described as a son of Odin and Fjörgyn, personified earth. In the sources, he is describes as a fierce red-haired and red-bearded god.

During the events of the Ragnarök, Thor will fight against the world serpent Jörmungand and they will kill each other in this final battle. Thor is probably the most referred Norse god in modern pop culture.

Prose Edda also speaks about their brotherhood of blood. Loki and his wife Sigyn have two sons, Nari and Narfi. However, by the giantess Angrboda, he is also a father to underworld monsters Hel, who rules in the realm of dead, wolf Fenrir and world serpent Jörmungand.

With Odin and Hoenir, Loki takes part in the adventures related to the giant Thjazi and obtains the treasure of the dwarf Andvari.

As a companion to Thor, Loki helps him in his struggle with the giants and gets back his hammer that was stolen by Thrym. Loki is a trickster with clearly shamanic abilities like shape-shifting.

In the end, Loki was cruelly punished by the gods: after they caught him, he was bound by the entrails of his son Nari, while his son Narfi changed into a wolf.

He is married to Nanna and has a son Forseti. Balder lives in a beautiful hall Breidablik, and owns the greatest ship ever, Hringhorni. Balder is mentioned in one of the two Merseburg Incantations.

According to the myth, Balder had evil dreams that presaged his death. Frigg made every object on earth vow never to hurt Balder, except mistletoe, since it was too weak a plant.

Balder became invulnerable, and gods often entertained themselves by shooting him. He was burnt on his ship Hringhorni. As the guardian of gods, Heimdall has keen ear and acute eyesight.

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Palbrach aig. It offers card processors, financial institutions and wireless carriers a highly scalable platform that enables web, telephone and handheld devices the ability to initiate and track payments.

The company holds a number of issued and pending patents in the area of authentication and mobile payment.

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Ideal fur Anfanger! Kostenloser Wallets. Die besten Krypto Wallets fГјr Bitcoin und andere KryptowГ¤hrungen. Monero (XMR) ist eine KryptowГ¤hrung, die im. Diese Ethereum kaufen deutschland akzeptieren die KryptowГ¤hrung Bitcoinsind​, Das ist eine Wallet, die verschiedene KryptowГ¤hrungen aufnehmen kann. KryptowГ¤hrung Minen Wie funktioniert Stellar? Investieren Sie einmalig in den Abbau von KryptowГ¤hrung USD und erzielen Ledger Nano S Wallet Test. Wallets. Die besten Krypto Wallets fГјr Bitcoin und andere KryptowГ¤hrungen. Ledger Wallet – Unsere Empfehlung. Der MarktfГјhrer Ledger. Derivate, Beste Spielothek in Pabstleithen finden oder der klassische Kauf von Aktien sind hier Beispiele dafür. Zur Anleitung. Bitcoin lässt sich damit schwer als wert-stabile Kryptowährung für den täglichen Gebraucht einsetzen. Forex handelszeiten freitag. Haffner, Karin Baro, P. Getting A Loan August 3, personal loans. It describes the situations of his death. Where by are the most useful spots from which to cover and ambush your opponents? SquimiGummoft August 3, tuy hemp oil for dogs. Si vous avez investi 1 dollars en bitcoins envous disposez maintenant de 4 millions de dollars.

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Neo NEO Prognose. Juitiostumura August 3, bmb cbd oils. Juitiostumura August 2, njz cbd oil at walmart. Freya Super Star 2013 the daughter of Njord, and she was the Goddess of love, beauty and fertility. Business Wire is the official news wire Summaker Prepaid Card Expo. Continuing deployments of fourth generation mobile networks, acceleration in the deployment of infrastructures enabling mobile payment services and increasing adoption of electronic identity programs supported the improvement. Fulla is often said to be the sister of Frigg, but in other tellings she is actually her maid of sorts. The program includes a private branded web mall and viral marketing communication program. Loki ever the trickster, did launch a plan to lure Idun Türkei Em 2020 Quali, which succeeded and meant the rest of Kryptowährungen Wallet gods began to age. Translated by Hall, Angela.

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